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Welcome to Hershey : We had a great time as always at #HersheyPark with our kids and their pals and some brave friends who came along for the ride (pun intended). If you’ve never been to Hershey and live within striking distance it’s a great park and worth the effort and the expense 😉 (at Hersheypark)

Invisible Cabin Rock: A small cabin used to sit on this rock and that structure along with the family’s summer camp and boathouse were taken down last summer at the request of the owners so the land could be “returned to nature”. It’s a noble gesture to be sure, but if my grandparents did that to our camp “noble” is about the last word I use to describe it. I love nature and all, but I love getting to live, play, eat and sleep in nature even more and I find a cabin is the perfect way to do it ;) (at Squam Lake)

Looking down on #SquamLake : Although my family & I have returned from our great vacation up north my Instagram account will be hanging out there a little bit longer…I hope you don’t mind :) (at Rattlesnake Mountain)

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